Friday, 27 April 2012

The blogging starts...

 Let me say why i am starting my own blog.. Well, it's just to pour out what i feel i can share with others... Practically i am bored to hell now.. So this can become a good habit. I have just given my H.S. exams followed up by usual minions (you-know-what). Aieee is still 2 days away, and this is the worst time of my life.

So, the boring stuff is over..

Well, i plan to get admitted at NIT, Durgapur if my AIEEE exams are good enough. And my plan is to continue this as a live blog - one update every day - a bit of what's happening, bit of funny dose, overall an insider view to whichever college i get admitted.

 All my decisions will get posted here ..

 So, i decide to publish all my decisions from now on..

1.First of all, i am totally in love with computers and programmers.. So, I will take up CSE (computer science and engineering) in the college.

{ NOW, the big question: Why?

I can see everybody quoting "The IT market is down. You have to work from sunrise to dawn there." My answer is, "You are looking at it in the wrong way. Freshers do need to work hard, and they can easily survive love it. See, that's the point. Many people like 'what they do' and that's why they reach the tip of success. If your job is your passion, then you can easily cruise your way to the management post (and you might even regret doing no real stuff..)

So, my first post ends here.. See you soon...


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